Should You Take Nutrition Supplements?

Floyd Kemske It’s not often at a NorthEast MultiSports membership meeting that the featured speaker offers yummy-looking homemade energy bites to the audience. But that’s just what Laura Casterline, RD, […]

Fuel for Thought

Fueling is considered to be the fourth discipline of triathlon and one thing is for sure, there is no lack of opinions on this topic.So how do you know what […]

Training in Bad Weather: Bad Ass or Bad Judgment?

If you’re like me, you’re probably a member of a few triathlon or running groups on social media and often find yourself incredibly envious of those Southern California or Florida members posting […]

What A Great Start to the 2019 Season!

  The rain has been relentless so far this season but NEMS athletes have certainly been making the most of it and we have some amazing highlights to share! We […]

Be Brave Enough To Try Something New

When it comes to picking new goals or races you hear people say “I’ve always wanted to”, “That looks really interesting”,  “I will some day” or “It’s on my list” […]

What’s Happening In January 2019!

For most New Englanders, January feels like one giant Monday. But for triathletes, it’s the start of a new race season! And after everyone found their swim goggles and remembered how bad it hurts […]

My First Cryo Session

Floyd Kemske Peak Recovery & Health Center is the new venture of our club’s leadership, Colin Cook and Jim Piper. Their mission is to provide services to people with chronic […]


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