NEMS is happy to have Bigelow Chiropractic as a sponsor.

Hello fellow endurance athletes,

As the new england triathlon season winds down and your training and competition schedule changes, it is a great time to get a chiropractic spinal examination and address any injuries or sore body parts. For the month of October all NEMS club members are eligible for a complimentary consultation and spinal examination, and brief introduction to chiropractic adjustment/manipulation. If it is determined that there are any areas of the spine that need would need a treatment program, that will also be addressed at the time of this visit. This would be approx. a thirty minute appointment. Just call Bigelow Chiropractic Center at 603 883-8971 to schedule your complimentary exam. The latest sports medicine research shows that endurance athletes under chiropractic care can expect to receive up to a 17% improvement in performance as a result of the chiropractic care. That benfit would certainly be worth it since you have devoted so much time to training and conditioning your body for competitive events. Enjoy the off season and good luck with your base training or other cross training activities.

Brian Bigelow DC