The offseason provides Northeast Multisport members with a few extra minutes in our schedules to catch up on the latest information in the triathlon world. Throughout the offseason the teams meets to discuss different topics and learn different ways to improve our own training.

This offseason covered a variety of topics, which included:

October 2015: The team met at Gooddale’s Bike Shop, where Trent Hayden gave a talk on the topic of concentration, specifically “The role of concentration and focus in athletic training and competition”. The talk was followed by discussion by athletes about personal experiences on the course for varying distance races.

November 2015: The team met at Apple Therapy at the Executive, where Karen Biskovich gave a talk about neuromuscular activation, and Apple Therapy did a gait analysis demonstration. Team members had the opportunity to practice a few exercises to incorporate neuromuscular activation into their own routines.

January 2016: The team met at Conway Arena with Dr. Jeff Donatello, a specialist in Functional Medicine and Nutrition, who gave a talk about “How to Improve Cycling Power by Diminishing Inflammation”. He covered the four new blood tests that measure inflammatory biomarkers, the six most inflammatory foods you can eat, and the new science behind reversing inflammation naturally. There was also the bonus topic of It’s the Nerve! which team members had the chance to sample.

February 2016: Colin Cook presented his Trimania topic of “Cadence is King: Everything You Need to Know About Running Cadence and How it Can Make You a Better Runner” at the Nashua YMCA. He covered the value of running cadence, how to track it and what tools to use, what to target, and how to use cadence to become a faster runner.

March 2016: The North American CEEPO distributors from Québec visited NEMS members at the All Out Cycle in Nashua. Team members had the opportunity to learn more about the CEEPO story, bicycle aerodynamics in triathlon, the importance of proper positioning, and the specific designs of CEEPO bike models.

NEMS members learn CEEPO's story

NEMS members learn CEEPO’s story

Learning about the importance of aero.

Learning about the importance of aero.