Like bears emerging from hibernation, NEMS athletes came together for a membership meeting last Thursday with nutrition on their minds. The video below shows a standing-room-only crowd at Nutrition in Motion, where a panel discussion covered everything from fueling before during and after workouts and throughout the day to the difference between fat burning cardio and anaerobic training, and how to lose fat not muscle, as well as info on pre-race carbo loading. You can also see in the video the samples of post-workout egg casserole and the homemade energy/protein bars that were there for members to sample.

Nutrition in Motion also provided information on MedGem, Tanita, and Fit3D and the usefulness of the measurements they provide on body composition to a goal-directed training program.

Sports nutrition means a lot more than eating an energy bar during a race or hydrating with a brand-name concoction of carbs and electrolytes. The training effect occurs during recovery, but it is a specific kind of recovery: the kind that occurs subsequent to a performance that stretches your capabilities. Nobody, as the saying goes, ever got faster by going slower. And stretching your capabilities means more than willing yourself to higher performance. It requires taking on the right nutrients at the right time (in relation to the performance). You cannot achieve the “stretched” performance without the proper fueling. And without the stretched performance, there’s no training effect.


Fueling for performance and for recovery are what sports nutrition is all about. Research shows that athletic results are directly tied to nutritional intake – the higher the quality of fuel, the greater the performance. If you fuel your body in practice, you can train at a higher level, which means achieving an even higher level when you peak on the big day.


Nutrition is a science. Performance in Motion has built a business based on helping people understand how the principles of that science apply to them individually. Their staff of Registered Dietitians (RDs) provides teaching, planning, counseling, and motivation services to clients ranging from sick children, to participants in workplace wellness programs, to high-performance athletes. Whether you work with them one-on-one or in a class with others, their goal is to help you fuel yourself to reach your health and performance goals. NEMS is proud to have Nutrition in Motion as a sponsor, and we’d like to thank them for an eye-opening discussion that made most of us approach the coming season a lot less bearish than we would have otherwise.