Hello NEMS Members,


I hope everyone is doing well and is enjoying the off season. I just wanted to send out a quick message and give everyone a few updates about what we have been up since the last meeting and some events that will be coming up shortly.

We have been busy coordinating with Champion Systems on our clothing purchase. A sizing kit is being prepared and we’d like to have a “sizing meeting” as soon as possible after it arrives (we only have the kit for 7 days). Unfortunately, it hasn’t shipped yet, but I did speak with Champion at the end of last week and they expect that it will be shipped out sometime this week. This does make it tough for us to nail down an exact date and time for the meeting. However, we will keep you posted on this and the gathering will also serve as our February club meeting.

Once we set up the meeting, if you have a conflict, contact Jay or I and we’ll make other arrangements for you to test fit clothing.

If you haven’t seen the design for the uniforms and clothing, please check out the forums. Jay has been spending a lot of time on the design and we are very grateful for his efforts. I really like all the designs we have come up with, but please let us know if you have any recommendations for us.

We have also secured a new sponsor! Goodale’s bike shop has decided to become a bronze level sponsor. This does include a 10% discount for all our members on parts and accessories at any of their locations. They do require that you show them a club identification card to receive this discount, but we should have those created soon. While we’re on this topic, please let us know if you know of companies that would be interested in sponsoring us. We would be more than happy to contact them. However, you can print out or send them the Advertising brochure if you would like.

Lastly, we are hoping to offer a swim video analysis session to all members sometime soon. I am still in the process of securing a pool (most likely the Nashua YMCA Pool), but Bill Steele, a USA Swimming/Triathlon coach with a very advanced 4 camera system has offered to film us at no charge. I will provide everyone with more details on this as soon as I can, but I am very excited about this opportunity for us.

That’s it for now. I hope everyone is getting some training in and is looking forward to the upcoming season. We will be emailing you again shortly with more information about the sizing meeting.


Colin Cook
NEMS President